Inteligent Glass - Guardian Sun

"best insulation on the market

The perfect combination of solar control with thermal insulation on the market thanks to its U-value of 1.0 .

The openings on the facades designed to the windows are the weakest points in the thermal insulation of a building, which invariably means an increase in energy consumption. So investment in high performance glass is the best way to save money .

The Guardian Sun, the more balanced product on market, allow you the maximum energy savings throughout the year:

Great solar factor (42 %): filters the direct solar radiation in the months when the fronts have to endure more hours of sunshine and thermal comfort becomes more expensive (the cost of a frigoria is three times that of a calorie) .

Greater comfort in homes without air conditioning, as well as a direct saving in air conditioning bill for households.

Maximum savings in heating on winter thanks to the lower U-value on market.

Guardian Sun , the most favorable balance during the year in energy savings. "

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